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I’m a guy from Liverpool who likes to shoot stuff…

This photography bog is a scrapbook of my work, as I continue to make the transition from of shooting with DSLR’s (Nikon’s) to Fuji’s X series, mirrorless cameras.

I started shooting Fuji in winter of 2011 with a X100 and then I added the X-Pro 1 to my kit bag in the spring of 2012.

I love the OVF and the simplicity of the X100, and this little fella saved me from spending a fortune on digital Leica gear, which I was very close to doing… The X-Pro 1 gives me a level of flexibility regarding interchangable lenses over the X100 but retains the ‘small package’ mantra.

There were a couple of reasons for moving from DSLR to mirrorless cameras; I’m no longer shooting professionally, (so surely I don’t need all of this gear now) but the bigger issue was that the gear was getting in the way; it was getting in the way enough that it was preventing me from going out to shoot… So this was the reason, the catalyst, that drove the change to lighter Fuji gear…

The Fuji’s X cameras & lenses give me raw & jpeg files that have comparable IQ (if not better) to what I got from my Nikon gear, but with a level of mobility that doesn’t get in the way of my shooting… I do love my new gear and the changes I’ve had to make to the way that I now shoot.

I’ve tried to blog before and failed. ‘Failure’ is a strong word but I failed to maintain them to my (self-inflicted) standards, i.e. ‘I must post every day’, and if I missed a day I’d simply delete the blog. I’m a lot more relaxed about that stuff now. Hopefully by calling this blog a scrapbook and my relaxed approach, should help me maintain this blog where others have failed…

I hope you enjoy visiting my blog…




Written by Simon Barrow's Blog

September 6, 2012 at 1:03 pm

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